Ship Freight to Canada – Cheapest & Fastest Way

Simple postage to Canada is one thing. However, sending a large shipment is entirely different. You have many more elements to worry about than just the price. Thus, you need to have the correct information before searching for quotes. You also need to know which shipping method to use and the required delivery time. This article will guide you if you need to ship freight to Canada. 

Deciding Between Air, Land, and Sea/Ocean Freight

The first thing you need to consider if you want to ship cargo to Canada is which shipping method you want to use. You can choose land, air, or sea freight depending on where you are shipping from.

Most of the time, large shipments require multiple shipping methods to get to their final delivery destination. However, land transport for the entire journey is only an option if you are shipping from the USA. If this is the case, you next need to consider if your shipment can make up an entire truckload. The shipping rate may be lower if you ship less than a truckload (LTT) to Canada, but it might take longer.

If you are shipping from the UK or from Australia, you must consider air and sea freight. Ultimately, your chosen shipping method will depend on your budget and delivery schedule.

The Cheapest and Fastest Shipping to Canada

If you want to ship a container to Canada, sea freight is the cheapest way to do so. However, this shipping method is slow.  Furthermore, similar to LTT shipping, if you ship less than a container (LTC) to Canada, you will only have to pay for the space your shipment occupies in the container. The fastest shipping will be via air freight. This method is more expensive but will give you a much quicker delivery. An online shipping calculator will help you estimate the cost and decide.


You don’t need to stress if you need to ship freight to Canada as cheap and fast options are available. You just need to ensure you have all the information you need to decide on a shipping method and courier. This includes what you are shipping, the space it will occupy, delivery schedules, and your budget.