LTL to Canada – Cheapest Less Than Truckload Shipping

here are ways to reduce costs if you send a relatively small shipment to Canada. Less Than Truckload, or LTL, shipping is one of them. This article will explain how LTL shipping makes sending cargo more affordable and what information you need before securing a courier.

How Does LTL Shipping Work?

You can use land transport if you are shipping domestically from Canada or internationally from the USA. However, if your shipment cannot fill an entire truck, you can opt for LTL shipping. This means that when you ship cargo to Canada, you only pay for the portion of the truck that your shipment occupies. The courier will make the rest of the consignment by offering the space to other individuals or companies. On the negative side, LTL shipping will result in longer delivery times as the courier will have multiple delivery destinations.

How Much Does LTL Shipping Cost?

As you will pay for the space your shipment occupies, the price will depend on your shipment’s size, weight, and delivery destination. An online shipping calculator will help you get an accurate estimate.

Deciding Between Air, Land, and Sea/Ocean Freight

To ship freight to Canada from the UK or from Australia, you can choose between air and sea freight. If you are looking for cheap shipping and are not concerned about delivery times, sea freight is the answer. You also have the option to ship less than a container (LTC) to Canada, much like LTL shipping. 

Air freight is faster but more expensive if you need to ship a container to Canada. In addition, most couriers will not ship a container as air cargo. Instead, they will empty the shipment into an aircraft and re-pack it when it arrives in Canada. 

It is of the utmost importance that you have the correct paperwork for your shipment, irrespective of which shipping method you use. Failure to do so will lead to issues with the Canadian customs department.


Shipping LTL to Canada is an affordable way to send cargo to Canada. Shipping rates will differ between couriers, though. Thus, an online shipping calculator will help you find the best option for LTL shipping to Canada.