LTC to Canada – Cheapest Less Than Container Shipping

People often think containers to ship goods are only an option for companies or businesses. However, individuals can send bulk shipments even if they do not fill an entire shipping container. This article will explain how to ship a container to Canada and the specifics of less than container (LTC) shipping.

What is LTC Shipping?

LTC shipping refers to shipping a container that you only partially fill. If you ship a container to Canada but do not have enough cargo to fill it, couriers allow you to pay for only the space your shipment requires. They will then offer the remaining space to other clients so that they can make up a whole consignment. Thus, shipping freight to Canada can be cheaper with LTC shipping. 

Deciding Between Air, Land, and Sea/Ocean Freight 

To ship cargo to Canada, you can choose between sea and air freight. However, land transport is also an option if you ship domestically from Canada or from the USA. Like LTC shipping, you can ship less than a truckload (LTT) to Canada and save money. However, this shipping method is often slow as trucks must make multiple stops to deliver their shipments.

Sea and air freight are possible for international shipping to Canada from the UK and from Australia. The method you choose will depend on your budget and delivery requirements. Sending cargo via sea freight is cheaper but has a much longer delivery time. Air freight is expensive for bulk shipments, but it is much quicker. An online shipping calculator can give you an estimate of the courier rates.

How Do Customs Work With LTC Shipping?

Your shipment must pass through customs as with any other international shipping method. You must ensure that all the documents and permits are for your shipment. All Canadian customs restrictions and prohibitions will be applicable for the entire shipment.


LTC shipping to Canada is an excellent option to save money on shipping. Most international couriers have an online shipping calculator that will help you check the price of regular postage, LTC, and LTL shipping.